Laser epilation

Shugaring and waxing procedures are actually inaccessible for the low pain threshold owners, but meanwhile they are the most popular today. As an option can be laser hair removal, an effective modern procedure that allows you to get rid of hair in the problem zone forever.

Laser hair removal is the most effective, convenient and safe way of hair removal. This harmless and almost painless method can rejuvenate the skin, making it soft and velvet.
With this method of hair removal, the following happens: melanin, which is contained in the hair and gives them color, absorbs the thermal energy of the laser. As a result, the hair follicle is destroyed. During the procedure, the laser beam affects only the hair, while the other parts of the skin remain intact.

Hair removal with the help of intense pulsed light (laser), without a doubt, is the most effective, comfortable and safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair. In addition, this method helps fight diseases such as folliculitis and hirsutism (hair growth under the skin and excessive hair growth).

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Eyelash extension

One of the secrets of the attractive look is beautiful, gracefully curved, long eyelashes. But what if, by nature, they have a modest length and faded color? An excellent way out of the situation is to extend them. This procedure can also be carried out on the eve of a solemn event or before vacation.

The procedure of extension will make it look great at an important event, on vacation, and just at any time of the day or night. Extension completely eliminates the need for the woman to apply and remove mascara. The effect of the procedure is maintained for 2-3 weeks. After that, you can make a correction, which will allow you to wear cilia for 2 more weeks. We use first-class materials for extension. Such cilia look as natural as possible, do not cause irritation and make the look truly fascinating.

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Nail extension

Beautiful long nails make the hand more feminine, but not everyone can possess them by nature. Thin and brittle nails have recently been a reason of frustration of many women. Now your nails can look the way you want - nail extensions are a good opportunity to beautify your hands with the right length manicure.

You can get beautiful, long nails for just one visit to our beauty salon. For owners of thin, brittle nail plates, it is actually the only way to make the manicure of your dreams.

Several options of nails building will be offered to you: building up with the effect of French manicure (French), building up with subsequent application of decorative coating, as well as a complex building up with elements of nail design of your choice. We use high-quality materials from the best manufacturers: Kodi, Luxio, Orly, Alessandro, Neo Nail, IBD. The products of these brands have proven themselves and are used all over the world.

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Epilation is a procedure that has become an integral part of every well-groomed woman. It allows you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair: the skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks. Make hair removal in the salon is much easier than at home. You do not have to worry about disinfection, warm up the wax or sugar compound, try to remove the hairs from hard-to-reach spots.

Fighting unwanted hairs for many women turns into a never-ending process. Shaving only aggravates the situation: the hairs become coarse, darker and more noticeable, and their growth rate increases. An excellent way out of the situation is wax epilation. The procedure allows you to get rid of unwanted hairs in any zone: on the face, legs, arms, bikini, armpits. Pain sensations are pronounced only during the first procedure. Later, the hair follicles become weaker, the hair is more restrained and it is much easier to remove.

Waxing or wax hair removal is a popular procedure. The method of removing hairs with special compositions has been known since time immemorial. In our beauty salon the procedure is carried out with professional waxes of well-known manufacturers. Waxing is ideal for epilation of armpits, hips, shins, deep bikini, face and hands.

Trust professionals - we will do hair removal qualitatively, inexpensively and very quickly.

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Manicure and pedicure

A neat manicure and pedicure is a must-have of a modern well-groomed girl’s image. These procedures allow you to feel confident in any situation. Moreover, nail-design helps to diversify the image, make it more stylish and relevant.

Masters of Salon Studio Times are experts in the impeccable manicure and pedicure. We know how to give the nails an ideal shape, and a well-groomed look to the hands.

We can do any design from a classic french to the craziest nail art!

We use coatings of the world famous brands Kodi, Luxio and Neo Neil, which neither crack for a long time nor puff up, but also are completely safe for the nail plate.

Come to us! Allow yourself to look at your manicure and feel a joy!

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