It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of massage for both overall health and weight loss. Rhythmic pressing and movements during massaging improves blood circulation, the metabolic process between blood and connective tissue is accelerated.

Your dietitian can advise on the correct dietary regimen, but if the blood vessels are "blocked", they prevent nutrients from reaching the desired cells quickly. The massage stimulates receptors in the skin and helps to dilate the blood vessels.

Massage helps to remove toxins from the body, improves digestion, and also promotes the release of salts. The described processes increase the metabolic rate, and this is a prerequisite for burning excess fat.

In our salon you can get competent advice from a massage therapist (or cosmetologist depending on massage type) and enjoy the following types of massages:

  • Cosmetic facial massage - forms the contour of the face, refreshes the skin, gives tone, reduces puffiness. Performed by a cosmetologist.
  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage is a very effective way to improve the skin, make it more elastic and fresh. Helps to remove excess fluid and harmful substances from the body. It’s a cosmetic machine procedure performed by a cosmetologist.
  • Relaxing massage - for general relaxation in the back, neck, legs and general filling with strength and energy. Is performed by a masseur.
  • General body massage - not only relaxation for hands, legs, but also therapeutic, preventive massage for the back with elements of manual therapy.
  • Back and neck massage -is the therapeutic / preventive massage of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, muscle relaxation. Suitable for everyone, but especially for those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.
  • Anti-cellulite massage - is to correct problem areas: hips, buttocks, if desired - sides, abdomen (it is recommended to supplement with cosmetic procedures for the body, like body mesotherapie etc.)
  • Hand massage - working out the muscles of the shoulder, forearm, hands; especially important for those who work a lot with their hands.
  • Leg massage - working out all muscles and ligaments of the feet, legs and thighs to relax and replenish energy.

As an addition to body massage or as an independent procedure, you can use mesotherapy on special anti-cellulite and lifting serums for the body. This procedure can be performed both with mesopen (microneedles) and with an electroporation apparatus. During the procedure, active cosmetic substances are used, that effect on the skin, improve blood circulation and release the hidden reserves of our body.

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Machine cosmetology

Shugaring and waxing procedures are actually inaccessible for the low pain threshold owners, but meanwhile they are the most popular today. As an option can be laser hair removal, an effective modern procedure that allows you to get rid of hair in the problem zone forever.

Laser hair removal is the most effective, convenient and safe way of hair removal. This harmless and almost painless method can rejuvenate the skin, making it soft and velvet.
With this method of hair removal, the following happens: melanin, which is contained in the hair and gives them color, absorbs the thermal energy of the laser. As a result, the hair follicle is destroyed. During the procedure, the laser beam affects only the hair, while the other parts of the skin remain intact.

Hair removal with the help of intense pulsed light (laser), without a doubt, is the most effective, comfortable and safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair. In addition, this method helps fight diseases such as folliculitis and hirsutism (hair growth under the skin and excessive hair growth).

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Epilation is a procedure that has become an integral part of every well-groomed woman. It allows you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair: the skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks. Make hair removal in the salon is much easier than at home. You do not have to worry about disinfection, warm up the wax or sugar compound, try to remove the hairs from hard-to-reach spots.

Fighting unwanted hairs for many women turns into a never-ending process. Shaving only aggravates the situation: the hairs become coarse, darker and more noticeable, and their growth rate increases. An excellent way out of the situation is wax epilation. The procedure allows you to get rid of unwanted hairs in any zone: on the face, legs, arms, bikini, armpits. Pain sensations are pronounced only during the first procedure. Later, the hair follicles become weaker, the hair is more restrained and it is much easier to remove.

Waxing or wax hair removal is a popular procedure. The method of removing hairs with special compositions has been known since time immemorial. In our beauty salon the procedure is carried out with professional waxes of well-known manufacturers. Waxing is ideal for epilation of armpits, hips, shins, deep bikini, face and hands.

Trust professionals - we will do hair removal qualitatively, inexpensively and very quickly.

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Mesotherapy is a non-injection painless procedure performed using mesopen (nano-needles, to a depth of 1 mm) or / and an electroporation machine, which allows you to improve complexion, rejuvenate the skin, solve a number of problems and aesthetic drawbacks: eliminate pigmentation, reduce and remove fine wrinkles, get rid of dark circles under the eyes, neutralize dull skin color and dryness, even out skin relief.

The effect is achieved due to mechanical action from injections with very small and thin needles on the mesopen nozzle and / or under the action of the electric field from the machine and the action of injected cocktails / serums. At your request, we can provide superficial anesthesia by applying the anesthetic cream.

The result of mesotherapy will be noticeable after the first application: the skin becomes denser and tighter.

In our salon, we perform this procedure using cocktails and apparatus from the Spanish manufacturer FUSION.

Mesotherapy is used not only to care for the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, but is also actively used to improve the elasticity of the skin of certain parts of the body, to get rid of cellulite and acne, to rejuvenate hands skin.

In addition, this technique is effective in the fight against scalp problems and hair loss.

We invite you to this wonderful procedure in our salon!

Consultations with our specialist are free of charge!

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Cosmetic care for the face and neckline is as important part of personal care as manicure and haircut. Most of the problems with rashes and fine wrinkles can be solved in a few visits to the beautician.

In our salon you will find a reliable specialist who will tenderly care for your skin and carefully select and recommend cosmetics for home care, because home care suitable for your skin type is 50% of success on the way to a clean and youthful complexion.

In addition to facial cleansing, you can enjoy pleasant moisturizing, lifting treatments, face and neck massages that will give your skin the most pleasant sensations.
Cosmetic machine procedures such as radiofrequency lifting have long been known for their effectiveness and long-lasting results: the skin becomes tighter, firmer and smoother. Many people consider RF-lifting as an alternative to plastic surgery, in many ways even superior to it.

You can always get a consultation with a specialist in our salon for free.

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