Eyebrows. Lashes

Eyebrows design is a necessary detail of a well-groomed modern girl, who follows modern trends. Fashion goes its own way and often changes its course and direction, and not always natural givens fully meet the needs of modern trends. Fortunately, our beauty salon offers a huge range of options for creating eyebrow design, which makes it possible to choose the individual and the best way to create an ideal image.

Correctly formed eyebrows make the proportions of the face more harmonious, and the look more expressive. It is not always possible to make the right eyebrows shape at home, there are secrets. Salon care will help to look impressive and stylish. Modern cost of eyebrows correction and decoration makes this service available to every beautiful woman.

The need for constant correction of the shape and color of eyebrows, at least tire and make you wake up in the morning for a good 10-15 minutes earlier! However, the pain of the need for eyebrow correction gradually began to disappear after modern and relevant procedures for long-term eyebrow design began to appear.

Correction of eyebrows with floss (triding) allows you to quickly and almost painlessly give the desired angle to this line and prevent the pulling out of "necessary" hairs. The essence of the method is that two filaments folded together grasp hairs of any size and thickness in a certain area. Due to this, the main line of growth becomes the most contrast and clear in relation to the skin.

Not so long ago a new service - biotatuage of eyebrows with henna - entered the beauty industry. It came to our country from North Africa and immediately many girls fell in love with it. The main distinguishing feature of this method of eyebrow coloring is that it is natural and safe for health. A special henna is used for it - not red, but brown. In this case, there are several different shades, which allows you to choose in accordance with the appearance features. Biotatuage is performed not on the inner layers of the epidermis, but on the surface of the skin, which ensures the simplicity and painlessness of the procedure.