Hair care

Beautiful hair, which is possible to make any hairstyle of, without much effort, it’s, of course, a dream of every woman. Modern hairdressing art is not only a haircut and styling, it's also a procedure for hair care and hair treatment, which can give your hear a shiny look and volume.

There are a lot of procedures aimed at hair caring and improving their look, but the most popular is lamination.

Lamination is applying of a protective compound to the hair. This procedure does not refer to coloring and toning. Optimal laminates, based on hydrolyzed wheat protein, they do not interfere with air exchange and reliably protect against sunlight and other harmful effects. Laminating levels the structure of each hair and gives not only intense shine, but also increases the volume of the hair. Lamination is not a cure of hair, as sometimes not very conscientious masters claim, it is external hair care, it envelops the top layer of hair with a protective coating, increasing its thickness. Lamination gives the hair an antistatic and moisture-repellent effect. The procedure is especially recommended before going on holiday – sea salt and sun will not make any harm.

Since lamination is positioned solely as a professional hair care procedure, you definitely should take a chance to use the services of Studio Times masters, specifically trained and certified.

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