Cosmetic care for the face and neckline is as important part of personal care as manicure and haircut. Most of the problems with rashes and fine wrinkles can be solved in a few visits to the beautician.

In our salon you will find a reliable specialist who will tenderly care for your skin and carefully select and recommend cosmetics for home care, because home care suitable for your skin type is 50% of success on the way to a clean and youthful complexion.

In addition to facial cleansing, you can enjoy pleasant moisturizing, lifting treatments, face and neck massages that will give your skin the most pleasant sensations.
Cosmetic machine procedures such as radiofrequency lifting have long been known for their effectiveness and long-lasting results: the skin becomes tighter, firmer and smoother. Many people consider RF-lifting as an alternative to plastic surgery, in many ways even superior to it.

You can always get a consultation with a specialist in our salon for free.