Mesotherapy is a non-injection painless procedure performed using mesopen (nano-needles, to a depth of 1 mm) or / and an electroporation machine, which allows you to improve complexion, rejuvenate the skin, solve a number of problems and aesthetic drawbacks: eliminate pigmentation, reduce and remove fine wrinkles, get rid of dark circles under the eyes, neutralize dull skin color and dryness, even out skin relief.

The effect is achieved due to mechanical action from injections with very small and thin needles on the mesopen nozzle and / or under the action of the electric field from the machine and the action of injected cocktails / serums. At your request, we can provide superficial anesthesia by applying the anesthetic cream.

The result of mesotherapy will be noticeable after the first application: the skin becomes denser and tighter.

In our salon, we perform this procedure using cocktails and apparatus from the Spanish manufacturer FUSION.

Mesotherapy is used not only to care for the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, but is also actively used to improve the elasticity of the skin of certain parts of the body, to get rid of cellulite and acne, to rejuvenate hands skin.

In addition, this technique is effective in the fight against scalp problems and hair loss.

We invite you to this wonderful procedure in our salon!

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